Bailey Mill Riverfront Rental Vacation Home - Spend some time relaxing on Southeast Georgia's beautiful Satilla River! Our truly secluded hideaway is far from the city, yet conveniently located. Two miles of pristine river frontage can be yours for the week - for fishing, hunting, exploring, swimming, canoeing, or just enjoying the peace and quiet. (Bailey Mill logo - 16810 bytes)

The History

       In the1700's, a large portion of the property was cultivated as a rice plantation.  Remains of the old dikes can still be seen along the river's edge, reminders of days long ago.
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       From about 1860 until 1890, the site was used as a sawmill, built by brothers Jim and John Bailey.  John built another mill about 5 miles upriver, closer to the supply of logs floating down the river, and Jim Bailey mill soon faced bankruptcy.

       Pilings and bulkheads line the property where sailing ships from all over the world once docked to load the yellow heart pine and cypress lumber cut from the surrounding forests and swamps.


Samples of the logs and implements used to bind them together into rafts are displayed at the house
19th century bottles found on the riverbed are displayed with old cockery pieces.
Parts of the mill's foundation rest silently in the wetlands near the house.


      After the mill closed, the community of several hundred faded away; today there are only 3 permanent residences within a mile of a place that once buzzed with activity.